3 mars 2008

Internet, gratuité et modèles économiques

Chris Anderson, l'auteur de la longue traîne, revient avec un article Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. L'auteur montre que les ressorts économiques du web sont basés sur des coûts marginaux qui tendent vers zéro. Il distingue ensuite six types de modèles économiques en phase avec cette tendance. Ci-après quelques passages :
The Web is all about scale, finding ways to attract the most users for centralized resources, spreading those costs over larger and larger audiences as the technology gets more and more capable. It's not about the cost of the equipment in the racks at the data center; it's about what that equipment can do. And every year, like some sort of magic clockwork, it does more and more for less and less, bringing the marginal costs of technology in the units that we individuals consume closer to zero.
Technology is giving companies greater flexibility in how broadly they can define their markets, allowing them more freedom to give away products or services to one set of customers while selling to another set.
Anything that touches digital networks quickly feels the effect of falling costs. There's nothing new about technology's deflationary force, but what is new is the speed at which industries of all sorts are becoming digital businesses and thus able to exploit those economics.

En prime, la présentation de Chris:

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